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About Me


I'm a Financial Educator whose passion is helping people achieve financial wellness. Whether you're earning six figures or unemployed, I can help you manage your resources with confidence and even excitement! I do this through workshops, coaching and content writing.

In past lives I've worked as a Certified Housing and Credit Counselor and a Personal Finance Consultant. Most recently this has included coaching SF residents to qualify for and purchase affordable homes through the Mayor's Office of Housing.


I've facilitated workshops at Bank of America, SF Federal Credit Union, SF Public Libraries and more.

About Moneybites

Moneybites blog is inspired by my work as a Financial Counselor and coach. Through conducting thousands of budgeting sessions, credit reviews, and workshops I've learned that most of us are scared of money and believe we're less competent than our peers when it comes to money management.


I started the Moneybites blog to inspire open conversation about money, so we can move away from fear and shame toward financial wellness.


Is there a financial story you'd like to tell or a topic you want to know more about? Let me know what's on your mind!